All igeria Radio V2

This app is made to bring you closer to RADIO station you loved to listening to.

This apps comprises of various radio stations across Nigeria and also Nigerian owned Radio stations in diaspora.

Nigeria is the most Religious Country in the whole world and that is the reason we included various religious Radio stations across Nigeria.

Islamic Radio stations, 24/7 Quran recitation and various Tefzr.

Christian Radio stations, 24/7 ministry of words of God and anointing hours from various churches across Nigeria.

There was a false saying that ” If you wanna hid something from the black man, put it in writing” I believed this assertion is %100 wrong because Nigerian are well learned and that is the reason I included News Updates from all Nigeria”s news outlets.

I believed you will love this apps because I put a lot of effort to make it worthy and PRESENTABLE for your listening and reading pleasure.

CLICK HERE to download it on Google Play Store.

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